Stacked: Food Built Well

Innovation + Customization


STACKED Order Screen

STACKED: Food Well Built is a full-service, casual restaurant with an innovative ordering approach that enables you to get exactly what you want, as you customize your meals in a comfortable, uninhibited way on a tablet at your table.

Our proprietary, tablet-based ordering system allows us to accomplish this, using a drag and drop feature that gives you the ability to visually build your meal right on the screen.  Added benefits of the system are the ability to control when you order and control when you pay.

A vast majority of our guests appreciate that our ordering system enables them to easily customize their meal as they select their favorite ingredients to create their own personal masterpiece.  But some guests prefer a traditional approach, where our server takes their order for them, and we are always happy to do so!

Market researcher Justin Guinn of Software Advice, a digital consultancy for restaurant technology, interviewed our Co-CEO Paul Motenko about industry trends and how STACKED runs it’s unique ordering system. Paul’s insights are included in their new report that was just released. Check it out here!

Eating Healthy at STACKED is Easy!


As you know, STACKED is all about building your meal exactly the way you want it. When you build your food you are in full control of what you eat, meaning you can create a dish that is as healthy as you’d like!

We Are A Gluten-Free Friendly Restaurant



We recently received this comment from one of our guests and it touched our heart, so we wanted to share it with you….

“Your dedication to making an exceptional gluten-free dining experience in your restaurants has totally changed my quality of life. Eating out used to be tedious and boring. I cannot thank you enough for all your delicious and healthy GF options! Thanks so much!!!” – Stephanie




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