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STACKED: Food Well Built is a full-service, casual restaurant with an innovative ordering approach that enables you to get exactly what you want, as you customize your meals in a comfortable, uninhibited way on a tablet at your table.

Our proprietary, tablet-based ordering system allows us to accomplish this, using a drag and drop feature that gives you the ability to visually build your meal right on the screen.  Added benefits of the system are the ability to control when you order and control when you pay.

A vast majority of our guests appreciate that our ordering system enables them to easily customize their meal as they select their favorite ingredients to create their own personal masterpiece.  But some guests prefer a traditional approach, where our server takes their order for them, and we are always happy to do so!

Market researcher Justin Guinn of Software Advice, a digital consultancy for restaurant technology, interviewed our Co-CEO Paul Motenko about industry trends and how STACKED runs it’s unique ordering system. Paul’s insights are included in their new report that was just released. Check it out here!

Eating Healthy at STACKED is Easy!


As you know, STACKED is all about building your meal exactly the way you want it. When you build your food you are in full control of what you eat, meaning you can create a dish that is as healthy as you’d like!

We Are A Gluten-Free Friendly Restaurant



We recently received this comment from one of our guests and it touched our heart, so we wanted to share it with you….

“Your dedication to making an exceptional gluten-free dining experience in your restaurants has totally changed my quality of life. Eating out used to be tedious and boring. I cannot thank you enough for all your delicious and healthy GF options! Thanks so much!!!” – Stephanie


Prices Well Built, too


Just in case you missed it in the menu…

Customization is the heart of the STACKED concept. Not only can you create your food exactly the way you want, but you can create your price, too.


National Restaurant Association Announces Operator Innovations Awards Winners


(Chicago) The National Restaurant Association has announced the winners of its inaugural Operator Innovations Awards. Selected by an independent panel of judges, the winners in each award category, plus an Innovator of the Year, were revealed live at the Destination: Celebration event last night during the 2012 National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show.

“These restaurant operators are true pioneers of innovation and leadership, who are breaking new ground on how to successfully run a restaurant business,” said Jack Crawford, Convention Chair for NRA Show 2012 and President and CEO of Ground Round Independent Owners Cooperative, LLC. “It is our honor to recognize our Operator Innovations Award winners and, we believe they will serve as an inspiration to restaurateurs throughout our industry.”

The 2012 Operator Innovations Award winners are:


Stacked Restaurants, LLC (California Casual) – Facilitating “build-your-own” ordering. Stacked Restaurants is a new, full-service concept which utilizes an iPad-based ordering system, enabling guests to control when they order and when they pay, and to customize their meal in a comfortable, uninhibited way. Guests can choose from hundreds of ingredients in customizing their burgers, pizzas, salads and mac ‘n’ cheese, as they place and pay for orders via tabletop iPads.


National Restaurant Association Announces Operator Innovations Awards Finalists


CHICAGO, April 11, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Winners to be revealed during NRA Show 2012′s inaugural “Destination: Celebration” event

An independent panel of judges has selected the finalists for the National Restaurant Association’s inaugural Operator Innovations Awards. Three finalists in each of five categories – Sustainability, Technology, Food Safety, Health & Nutrition, and Menu Development- will be brought to Chicago for the Association’s 2012 Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show this May. The winners in each category, plus an Innovator of the Year selected from all finalists, will be announced live during Destination: Celebration on Saturday, May 5.

“The Operator Innovations Awards is designed to celebrate and encourage continued advancement in the restaurant industry, while shining a spotlight on industry-leading innovators who inspire other restaurant operators to new heights,” said Jack Crawford, Convention Chair for NRA Show 2012 and President and CEO of Ground Round Independent Owners Cooperative, LLC. “This first year’s operator finalists are driving innovation and excellence in execution, fueling customer satisfaction and profitability.”

STACKED Restaurant in Cerritos Introduces Dining at Your Fingertips


STACKED Restaurant makes its debut as the newest addition to the Los Cerritos Center on Thursday, Nov. 17 at noon. Story by Michael Brown, November 18, 2011

When the recently deceased Apple founder Steve Jobs introduced the iPad to the world in 2010, providing an audio-visual platform via multi-touch display for accessing music, newspapers, books and games were some of the tablet’s features.

Well, now, add ordering food to the mix.

Today (Nov. 17), the Los Cerritos Center will welcome the newest addition to its selection of eateries when STACKED: Food Well Built Restaurant officially opens its doors for business starting at noon. STACKED, which will allow customers to customize, order and pay for meals via iPads located at each table, has been described as a “fast-casual plus restaurant, serving made-to-order sandwiches, burgers, salads and pizza.” Customers will be able to stack their meals with various toppings, such as Roma Tomatoes, Applewood Smoked Bacon and Fried Egg. A wide-range of beers and wines will also be available.

Read More – Ordering a Cheeseburger? There’s an iPad for That


By Katie Little, Special to CNBC

Classic American comfort food is going high tech at one California restaurant chain.

At it’s three locations, Stacked Restaurants offers customers the opportunity to craft their meals and then pay for them on iPads – an amenity that is catching on among restaurant operators across the country. At STacked, diners can choose to stack their burgers, pizzas, salads, and plates of macaroni and cheese with a range of toppings.

It’s a simple concept, but the ordering process can become unwieldy. Paul Montenko, the chain’s co-founder, said he and his parter began to think of alternative methods that would equip diners with a way to pick among the numerous combinations without holding up the line. “If it was a fast-casual restaurant where you go up to a counter and order from a cashier, there were too many choices,” he said. “It would be cumbersome at the least — frustrating and stressful at the worst.”

Instead, the company invested in 230 iPads at a cost of more than $1 million, including technology expenses, for its three locations, which all opened in 2011.


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