A platform we own together

If a video platform is only as good as its content, why do its content creators receive little to no ownership over the value they create?

It feels like we've all experienced Stockholm syndrome, happy with the terms set by monopolistic platforms who delist and demonetize content without notice. We can do better.

Stacked is a new web3 video and livestreaming platform governed by the STKD token. By programmatically rewarding creators for their content, we aim to transfer ownership back to the creators who make Stacked valuable.

Core Team

We are a multi-disciplinary team who are alumni of institutions such as Google, MIT, Y Combinator, and Riot Games. We are headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

Alex Lin (林睿慈)
Product & Design
Past: Serial consumer founder and angel investor. Founded a top grossing mobile gaming studio. 2x YC alum.
Ryan Wen
Past: Recovering private equity investor. Types faster than you. UC Berkeley Alum.
Victor Cheng
Past: Software Engineer at Microsoft and OpenTable. MIT Tennis Team. MIT Alum.
Gavin Saldanha
Past: Senior Software Engineer at Google. Columbia University & UC Berkeley Alum.
Roberto Berwa
Past: Founding Engineer at Corsali. Research at MIT Media Lab. MIT Alum.
Andrew Zhang
Past: Quantitative Researcher. USA Computing Olympiad Gold Level. MIT Alum.
Terry Kang
Past: Software Engineer at MIT Media Lab. MIT Alum.
Samantha Chow
Product & Community
Past: Senior Associate at EQUIAM & Goldman Sachs. Aspiring Abbott Marathon Majors Runner. UIUC alum.
Matthew Henderson
Past: Founder at Allelo. Software Engineer at Atlassian. Carnegie Mellon alum.


Paul Veradittakit
Daniel Gulati
Alexandr Wang
CEO, Scale
Eddy Lu
Boling Jiang
CEO, Lithic
Carl Pei
CEO, Nothing
Chris Ye
CEO, Uken Games
Keith Ryu
Founder, Fountain
John Kim
CEO, Sendbird
Josh Buckley
Investor, Buckley Ventures